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How are you going to collect the donations?
We are not even going to collect donations as such; instead, we are asking people to make binding promises. These promises can be converted into money donations only after a contractual agreement has been signed with the recipient country. We thereby make it possible for individuals to promise relatively small amounts to support the peace effort. Any donation will help, from a few dollars to a few million! There is no danger of contributing to something that may never happen. Every donor will know exactly what their donation will be used for.
It is also worth noting that charitable donations are tax deductable. Donations from US taxpayers will thus be doubly effective.

Is a more expensive war also less likely?
The war would truly have to be VERY expensive to make Bush walk away from it on cost grounds alone. Theoretically, though, there is a point at which even the USA could not afford it. Current expectations are that the US deficit will soar to $375 billion (source: Goldberg): that's over $1,300 per US citizen, and perhaps twice that figure for every US taxpayer. Remeber that the US doesn't even have the money in the bank with which they are currently trying to buy allies: Uncle Sam will have to borrow it from the world community: this means that people who are overwhelmingly opposed to the war will be lending their money so that the US can pay them to change their minds!
The big question is: at what point would the cost become too great? Remember that the US actually made a profit from the first Gulf War, since the money to wage war came from its allies, notably Germany, Japan and Saudi Arabia.
The short answer is: the more expensive the war, the harder it will be to raise the money without which it cannot be waged!

Is it really such a good idea to give money to countries that violate human rights or oppress minorities?
Our approach is to take advantage of every opportunity afforded by dollar diplomacy, to fight not only for peace, but also for human rights, the protection of minorities and all aspects of social justice.

Who is behind this idea?
This idea is being supported by an international network of artists, actors, journalist, students, in short: a variety of individuals from all parts of the globe, from every walk of life, who are actively engaged in stopping this unjust, aggressive military action. You will find a list of official supporters here.

Should dollar diplomacy be supported at all?
Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the levers of power most frequently used in contemporary political activity. It is now being used to promote war and - clearly - against the views of the overwhelming majority of the world's people. Just as the majority of the US population is opposed to a war without a UN mandate, so are 90% of the population of the countries that are receiving US funds!

How are you really planning to put pressure on these countries?
Just as the "classic" dollar diplomacy is used by the powerful to oppress the less powerful people in the world, we will also pay or withhold payments over long periods of time. This will maintain the financial pressure and the influence in favour of doing the right thing. Even the USA is only offering future payments - dependent on the fulfillment of contracts, such as participation in the war.

Aren't you risking paying for the war?
No. Our payments will be linked to requirements to be fulfilled by the receiving countries. These requirements will be contractual. In the event they breach their contracts, countries may be required to return payments they have already received

Do you really believe these countries will negotiate with you?
This will depend largely on how many people support this idea and what offers we can negotiate. Why wouldn't these countries negotiate with us? Money talks and we could significantly shift the diplomatic balance away from the USA, thereby dramatically increasing the cost of a war for all participants.

Do you really think you can bring about change?
Of course it's difficult. But in light of the current situation, we at least have a duty to try! We must always remember that billions of people are against this war! Many feel powerless and helpless, but would like to become involved in some way. We all want to feel that we are doing something important, that we are doing everything we can to prevent the human tragedy looming on the horizon.

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