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Money for Peace!

– Democratic Dollar Diplomacy – thing we do know for sure: the overwhelming majority of people on this planet do not support a war against Iraq. No country has a majority in favour of a war without a UN mandate, not even the USA (Source: The Gallup Organization).

In order to win the necessary support for an attack on Iraq, the US government is taking advantage of the financial dependency of several strategically important countries, and is now buying their support through dollar diplomacy.

War and peace are thus becoming tradable commodities.

While the majority of the people on the planet would much rather buy peace, Bush is busy buying war. It might sound unworldly and unbelievable, but if you think about it for a moment, the logic is inescapable: the peaceful majority is capable of providing far more money than even the US government. And this is an experiment that deserves an opportunity to be proven right.

For example: the USA is currently negotiating with Turkey about the use of its airbases. It seems that Turkey could be forced into granting these rights because it owes the US some $150 billion, despite the fact that over 90% of the Turkish population are against the idea of supporting a war against Iraq. Even though the Turkish parliament luckily just decided against the use of Turkish soil for a war against Iraq, it might not yet be a definitive decision.

On top of everything the USA is currently trying to buy votes in the UN Security Council. Especially the poorer, non-permanent members Angola, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, Guinea, Mexico and Pakistan are under extreme pressure from the US government.

We - Money for - hope to be able to put a better offer on the table than the USA. To do this, as many people as possible must signal their support for this idea and declare that they would be willing to donate money for this cause.

As a first step towards this worthy goal, you can support us by simply giving us your E-mail address (which of course does not cost anything at all).

As soon as possible, we will contact the various governments and develop a concrete offer. Our second step will be to notify all potential contributors about the amount of donation needed per person.

Even if we will need huge amounts of money, there are billions of people opposed to this war!

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